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appeal of Nishikigoi

appeal of Nishikigoi


Nishikigoi looks wonderful, characteristic and different from each other in their color and shape. So you are excited with just looking at them. There are many lovers of Nishikigoi coming to competitive shows nationwide and we are among them. In this web page we introduce appeal of Nishikigoi having many lovers. Especially if you are a bit of interested in Nishikigoi and visit this web page, use this as a reference.

Easy for breeding

Do you know where carp live? You know carp live in the river, pond, lake and anywhere. This is because carp have an ability to adapt to an environment. For example have you experienced that tropical fish for ornamental purposes get weak shortly after moving them into aquarium? That is not the case with carp. Carp are so vigorous that they remain unaffected by the change in environment. Unlike goldfish sold in a Japanese festival, carp are extremely animated and active even if moved into aquarium. In addition carp do not fight each other because they do not have their own territories.

Very friendly

I think that we never feel carp in the river friendly because they live in the wild. For example you have seen carp in the lake come closer opening and shutting their mouth for feed. So carp have characteristic of getting used to people. You cannot hug or pat on the head because they are fish but carp eat feed from your hand directly if they get used to you. You would be very happy as a master after carp get used to you gradually. So would you have experienced by breeding carp in practice?

Many lovers and competitive shows held frequently

As carp are easy for breeding and have characteristic of friendliness, the number of lovers for carp is increasing year by year. That makes us pleased because interaction among lovers becomes active. It is one of allurement of carp that there are many lovers having the same feeling for carp.


In addition, competitive shows are held actively. There are also many lovers for carp in the country outside Japan. In a sense competitive shows are meeting places for lovers who has carp with the same affection. We exchange information about carp requested by each other. There are some carp maniacs among lovers. If you talk with them, you can recognize their depth and amusingness and get involved with them. So we will have a wider circle of lovers for carp and Nishikigoi will be more attractive. Competitive shows are classified by nationwide, district, local, and sectional show and these shows are held in each date and location. However, they are held in the season that Nishikigoi looks the most beautiful in the year and are convenient for moving carp to the location of the show. Local competitive shows are held in South Africa, Malaysia, and Germany etc. outside Japan. It is very active.

Other appeal

Various kinds
There are many various kinds of carp and each carp has unique character. This is one of attractiveness of carp.

Suitable for Japanese climates
Nishikigoi is born in Japan and so they are suitable for Japanese environment. This point is also attractive.

Unnecessary to care about feed
As is described “Easy for breeding” above, carp have an ability to adapt to an environment and it is unnecessary to care about feed in comparison with tropical fish. (But do not be reckless.)

Easy for breeding and interesting with their depth
Carp are hardy and easy for breeding. In addition it is irresistible attractiveness to get used to people gradually.

Reasonable price
You may have an image that carp are so expensive but all carp are not. You can usually buy a carp at \500.